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The Perthian thing revisited... 6 years on

A couple more. Not many though.

Perthian Quiz by Alicia Smith © 2009

Lived in Perth, Western Australia for 3 months or more?
Been taken to Lake Monger to feed the Black Swans as a kid.
Climbed the DNA Tower at King's Park.
Climbed the DNA Tower at King's Park more than once.
Climbed Jacob's Ladder
Been to Rottnest.
Stayed overnight at Rottnest.
Seen a Quokka.

Barracked for the West Coast Eagles
Barracked for whoever, at any given time, is playing the West Coast Eagles
Barracked for Fremantle Dockers
Barracked for whoever, at any given time, is playing the Fremantle Dockers
Find contrails unusual
Say "I'm going to Perth" when you are already living in the suburbs of that city.
Remember or have heard of the Birdman Rallies at Yanchep
Does the name "Fat Cat" ring a bell?
Do you remember Percy Penguin?
Have you ever been to "Hamburger Hill" (no, not the battle site)
Have you ever eaten at "Captain Munchies"
Have you ever been annoyed by "Captain Munchies" advertisements
Have driven across the Narrows
Have you been 'Perthed' lately?
Have caught Blue Manna Crabs at Mandurah, or tried to.
Have gone to Mandurah for a cheap holiday
Seen the peacocks at UWA
Spent New Year's Day at Scarborough Beach Well, City Beach, anyway...

Had a BBQ at King's Park at Boxing Day
Heard the Bell Tower
Shopped at Bunnings
Had a good time in Northbridge
Had a bad time in Northbridge

Don't remember Northbridge even though your friends swear blind you were there
Referred to the Eastern States as t'othersiders Or the Eastern Barbarians :)
Urgently ring the relevant authorities if you see a Cane Toad, Starling or Sparrow
Prawned in the Swan River and got the deep end
Given someone the deep end in the Swan river while prawning
Had a drink at Little Creatures in Fremantle
Had chips stolen by seagulls. again, not Perth Centric?
Know that Gage Roads is not just a beer company.
Been in the City to Surf.
Seen Tricia at the Perth Zoo.
Watched the Sky Show from an outside vantage point. and what a waste of time it was
Been through the Polly Pipe.
Think South of the River is unknown territory

Think North of the River is unknown territory
Know where and what the Snake Pit was
Know what a bodgie and a widgie are
Know who the Boy from Bassendean is
Know or are related to a neighbour or relative of him?
Wish it rained more often and for longer unless I'm riding to work in it...
Know your sprinkler days
Do you 'look for the birthmark' when shopping?
Do you or have you ever owned a Smartrider?
Gone on a wine cruise
Had breakfast at Miss Maude's
Been to Penguin Island and not seen Penguins
Been to Penguin Island and seen Penguins
Been to Penguin Island and seen Bridled Terns
Been to Penguin Island and not seen Bridled Terns
Been on the Leeuwin II
Complained about Perth's public transport
Find other State's public transport payment systems far too confusing
Contract suburb names: Subi for Subiaco, Ozzie Park for Osborne Park, Freo for Fremantle etc
Wished the Fremantle Doctor would make more house calls
Been to Lake Leschenaultia
Travelled along the Bibbulman or Munda Biddi Trail
Been to John Forest National Park

Do you know what a Sandgroper is?
Have you ever seen the actual animal? (No, not the drunk guy at the bar claiming to be from W.A)
Made a special trip to see Mundaring Weir
Made a special trip to see Mundaring Weir overflowing
But have you had a picnic there in the rain while it overflowed?

Caught the ferry to/from South Perth
Caught the ferry to go to the Perth Zoo
Been to the Cricket at Lilac Hill

Almost August, 2012

Where has the year gone?! Insane I tell you. Insane.


yup, I'm still alive.

Ahoy there intarweb

That is all.

help wanted

Can someone please clean my study?

Kookaburra's in Gum Trees to be Shot.....

So this week in Australian News, one of the most far reaching results of copyright law has been commented upon, opined, and generally hung out for all to see. I of course refer to the decision in the Federal Court of Justice Peter Jacobsen (JJ) in the case of Larrikin’s vs Men at Work, EMI, Colin Hay and Ron Strykert. (Kookaburra Sits in the old Gum Tree vs Land Down Under)

In what seems a very closed minded look at music (and art) and obviously something with far reaching effects across the art sphere of the world Justice Jacobsen decided that Men at Work plagiarised the melody of Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree (Kookaburra). The point JJ makes is that Land Down Under references a substantial part of the chart Kookaburra, which whilst true, when you realise that Kookaburra is 4-8 bars long, and has a repeat of itself for the second line, and two of those bars are used in Down Under, makes you wonder whether copyright actually applies here, or not. Larrikin Music argue that it does, and that as the current copyright owners of what has come to be known as an Australian Folk Song, thanks in part to it's use by both the Guide and Scout movements of Australia (The original was penned by Marion Sinclair for a competition for Girl Guides Victoria in 1934), and by music teachers in primary school for years, that they should get renumeration for the 'earnings lost' on what was used in the Men at Work tune.

Does the flute part comprise of an integral part of the song? No. Could you recognise the tune without the flute part? Yes. What about harmonic context, take someones tune, and put it over a minor chordal progression instead of a major one. Does that change the decision that the flute riff used a substantial part of the song?

To quote Mr Peter Casey, a composer in ACT, here Any damages won in such a case are supposed to replace lost earnings. What would those lost earnings be? Did you learn Kookaburra from a recording you bought, or was it passed on to you orally? Musicians, if you were asked to play it, would you buy the sheet music, or would you work it out by ear? Performers, have you ever engaged in a public performance of Kookaburra, and duly filed your Live Performance Return with APRA?

Now in music (and in other forms of art) as pointed out by Mr Alex Millier, here where he references a documentary about remixing, and the intellectual property thus involved,
The film’s idea of a “remixer’s manifesto” cleverly sums up the clash between creativity and the proprietorial control over ideas. It says,
1. Culture always builds on the past.
2. The past always tries to control the future.
3. Our future is becoming less free.
4. To build free societies you must limit control of the past.
Brett Gaylor, rip! A Remix Manifesto . We look at the amount of classical scores that are referenced in modern day pop music without people realising it. In fact, pick three chords and write a song... you just stole someones work. It doesn't matter, that all three of those chords were a fifth above what the other person wrote, and that you put different words over the top of them, you used them in that order.

Any song that ends in a perfect cadence references someone elses work. Any improvised jazz solo that plays a riff from another piece thrown in to make someone laugh could now be taken to court? Where does it end. I'm sorry JJ, but your decision here is stupid, and your logic is flawed.

Two things have been realised here:
1) Copyright Law needs to be updated to reflect changing needs of the times, and not people who try to hold copyrights in perpetuity
2) Until 1) is carried out, no music nay, art form is safe.

Dinner 10 June

Went out to the Windsor, South Perth. About 2-3 years ago I last went, and as a hotel/pub food it was quality. Since then there has been a change in management, and whilst a few "old standards" - the ducks nutz burger, and the wood fired pizza's are there (no idea if they're the same or not though!) I was somewhat disappointed with the standard of food.

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